Meet the Unity Juniors team

Our centre is run by qualified caring professionals
who care for your children like their own.

Jana El-Halabi

“Miss Jana”

Room Leader for Explorers Room

Miss Jana teaches our little Explorers, aged 2-3. Every day she helps them build confidence, competence and compassion. The children adore you, and you can see that it’s mutual.

Amira Kanoun

“Miss Amira”

Educator for Explorers

As the qualified educator, Miss Amira sets up developmental activities based on the needs of the children, and then sits with the children and encourages them to engage and explore.

Her bubbly personality is well-loved by children and parents alike. With her ever-creative spirit, Miss Amira loves doing painting with the children.

Jasmine Zailaa


Educator for Discoverers Rooms

Miss Jasmine is always introducing new activities and concepts that promote learning for her 3-5 year olds. She loves participating in activities with the children, and they share her infectious love of learning.

You can tell she loves the children as her own, building secure, caring relationships with each child.

Jennifer Borg

“Miss Jenny”

Room Leader of Discoverers

Miss Jenny is responsible for the children’s education and ensures that they are all learning – even when they are playing. She is also in charge of the school readiness program. She gets genuine joy out of seeing each child implement their new learning.

Maysa Elsaddik

“Miss Maysa”


You’ll find Miss Maysa amongst the children in the Discoverers room, where she supports the staff in implementing all learning experiences.