Your child’s education

At Unity Juniors, your child’s entire day is educational. Rather than the set lessons you would imagine at a school, we integrate engaging education throughout the flow of the day, in every way.

It’s how we invite conversation and connection, how we share ourt food, how we wash our hands, and how we read and discuss books or numbers or language.

We provide individualised teaching, based on your child’s interests and progress.

We have two rooms, The Discoverers and The Explorers.

The Discoverers Room for 3-5 year olds

We immerse your child in an enriching range of developmental opportunities. Your child will learn through numeracy and literacy, art, music, nature studies, construction, writing, social skills and physical movement.

This is a time of discovery, of curiosity, of learning how to learn. It’s a time of maturing connection and communication with their carers and their peers. It’s a fundamental time to build on motor skills, speech skills and language skills.

We provide a school readiness program.  This includes lessons in the school classrooms at Unity Grammar.

Our Islamic and Arabic curriculum is a natural part of every day.

See an example of our daily routine in The Discoverers Room [link to PDF]

The Explorers Room for 2-3 year olds

We give your child a safe, caring and inspiring environment where they feel free to learn, try new things and explore their world.

Children at this age learn through play, and our role is to guide, enrich and deepen their play-based learning. We provide a carefully structured program that is fun and exciting while developing their skills.

We also integrate our Islamic and Arabic curriculum into their day. At this age children absorb many Islamic manners and we teach them the basics i.e. how to greet, how to eat, small duas. We also introduce them to the Arabic alphabet and numbers and recite small surahs with them to help them memorise them.

See an example of our daily routine in The Explorers Room [link to PDF]