Arabic & Islamic studies Curriculum

Islamic studies and practises are embedded into the children’s everyday routines at unity juniors.

Our programs implement the fundamental Islamic beliefs and Sunnah. This includes the Six Pillars of Iman and Five Pillars of Islam.

In addition to this we implement daily practises such as:

Islamic greetings

Essential dua (e.g. before and after eating, before sleep)

Islamic manners (e.g. how to eat, how to be thankful)

Friday Sunnah prayers

Learning about the prophet’s life and family

We celebrate Islamic festivals, and we teach the value and significance of each celebration, including:


Eid ul Adhaa

Eid ul Fitr


Children learn the most important surahs that they will recite for the rest of their lives, including:

Surah al Fatihah

Surah al Ikhlass

Surah an Naas

Surah al-Falaq

Arabic Studies

We teach our Arabic curriculum in a creative way that is embedded into our learning program so children can learn easily. The program introduces the children to:

Arabic alphabet

Arabic numbers

Arabic colours

Arabic greeting


Days of the week