Our learning environment

Space to learn and grow

Unity juniors is located next door to unity grammar college. 

The children have access to their own expansive outdoor play area. The outdoor play area has a fun climbing fort, pit, tepee, race track, picnic area, blackboard wall, and kitchen. Children are encouraged to explore all areas of the outdoor area on a daily basis.

We create plenty of open space so children can learn and explore freely. Our two indoor rooms are large and spacious. The children are encouraged to go to whichever play station that is set up and to explore and learn.

We offer exclusive tours & visits to the unity grammar campus to prepare children what to expect after their transition.

Space to learn and grow

Each day, we set up areas that enhance your child’s learning through play.
These areas allow children to explore and learn through hands-on experience. Areas may include:

Time to Write: Writing Area
Build Something: Construction Zone
It’s Class Time: School Readiness
Let’s Create: Creative Area
Imagination Time: Dramatic Area
Explore and Investigate: Science Area
Outdoor Herb Garden & Learning Environment

Our children are introduced to responsibility and sustainability through growing, maintaining and picking their very own fruits and vegetables in their garden to use in their lunches, smoothies, juices and more.

Our children also learn in our kitchen garden and outdoor playground.

All school readiness children visit Unity Grammar College three times a year. This is an exciting excursion for the children as they are exposed to the wonderful experiences of big school. The children are shown how to use the big school facilities and also experience the Kindergarten classrooms.