Transitional Programs

prekindy room transition

We offer a transitional program for students transitioning from the younger room to the prekindy room which focuses on enhancing their skills in order for them to adapt to a new routine and encourages them to be ready learn.

At Unity Juniors we recognise the importance of giving your child the skills to be ready for their next journey in life

Starting school can be overwhelming for children and families. At Unity Juniors we recognise this step as an important part of our families’ lives. We aim to work in partnership with our families to prepare your child for school. We strive to make school transition as smooth as possible

We want children to be confident, involved, participating learners ready with the skills both socially, emotionally and cognitively to cope at school.

Our curriculum has a strong focus on Intentional teaching and learning through play and getting children engaged in all their fundamental learning areas through Child interest Project investigations.

The Early Years Learning Framework

We use our approved learning frameworks to plan our

Preschool Program

School Readiness